Health Profile FAQs

The Community Health Profiles are user-friendly resources that provide a picture of the population health status for 142 communities in the province of BC. Within the profiles you will find community level data compiled from multiple sources related to health, and factors that affect health.

The profiles have been developed to support a broad range of stakeholders that are involved in community health planning and decision making. These stakeholders may include local governments, regional health authorities, non-government organizations, and other community stakeholders.

The information in the profiles is designed to be flexible. For preparing documents or presentations supporting community health. Profile content including tables and charts can be directly copied and pasted from the online or PDF profiles. Alternatively, downloadable CSV files allow for access to, and further analysis of, the raw data within the profiles.

Data within the profiles has been compiled from multiple sources. Please refer to Data sources for a complete list of data sources.

Yes, you will find download links in the right side navigation bar within each profile page. You can either download your full profile in PDF format or download just the data as a CSV (Excel) file.

The profiles are automatically updated throughout the year whenever new data becomes available.

Profiles have been developed for communities where sufficient community level data is available. Some small communities do not have sufficient data to support a full profile at this time. As new data becomes available, the profiles are regularly reviewed, and new ones are created where possible. Please note that in some cases our team may be able to support individual data requests for specific indicators. If you would like to request data for a specific indicator please contact us.

For questions regarding this website, and the data tools found here, please contact us. For information on using health data to support healthy community planning in your region, please contact the representative for your health authority region, found here.