Health starts where we live, learn, work and play.

Health starts in our homes, schools, and workplaces, long before we get sick. Community health is affected by the income level of the neighbourhood, the built and natural environments, healthy childhood development, access to health services, supportive social networks and educational opportunities.

Tools to support healthy community building

Created in support of Healthy Families BC, the province’s primary prevention strategy, the BC Community Health Data website provides a complementary collection of three community health data tools for the province of British Columbia:

Community Health Profiles provide a set of community health data for the province.

Community Health Database provides an interactive platform to explore health topics of interest.

Community Health Atlas allows health indicators of interest to be mapped across the province of BC.

Together, these tools help to paint a picture of health status at the community level. This is important for planning appropriate policies and programs that are responsive to communities’ unique needs.

Our audience

The information found on the BC Community Health Data website can be used by regional health authorities, local governments, non-government organizations and other partner organizations in collaborative and evidence-informed community health planning and decision making.