Comox Community Health Profile

Some of the indicators presented in the Community Health Profiles are provided with data available at the level of Local Health Areas (LHAs). Please note that some of the LHAs have been given new names in the process of aligning them with newly created Community Health Service Area (CHSA) geographies. To view the new names, click here.



The age distribution of your community impacts the supports and services needed in your community. For example, older adults and young families benefit from age-friendly public spaces, like well-maintained sidewalks and rest areas.

Knowing how your population is expected to change in the upcoming years can help you plan ahead to meet the changing needs of your community.


A diverse community is a vibrant community. Different population groups often have different opportunities and challenges in maintaining or improving their health. For example, Aboriginal[1] people and new immigrants[2] often face barriers to accessing health services and sustaining health and wellness.

Understanding the unique needs of various cultural groups and people who speak other languages is important for improving overall health in your community.