North Saanich
Community Health Service Area
Health Profile (Version 2.0)

Attachment to a Primary Care Practitioner or Group Practice

Access to primary care is an important determinant of health. Therefore, improving equitable access to health care is a key strategy to reduce health inequities.[38] Primary care providers, such as general practitioners (GPs), are usually the first point of contact to the healthcare system.[39] Having a primary care provider improves access to and continuity of care,[40,41] coordination of disease management,[42] and health outcomes.[40,43,44]

Individuals who are attached to a primary care practitioner or group practice have an ongoing relationship with a regular primary care provider or team who understands their health needs. As a result, they have ready access to more convenient, comprehensive, and integrated care, which are important for life-long health.[45]

Percentage of population who are attached to a general practitioner or group practice

Data source: B.C. Ministry of Health. (2021). Attachment to Practice by CHSA, Fiscal Year 2020/2021.