Community Health Service Area
Health Profile (Version 1.0)

1380 Summerland

Community Health Service Areas (CHSAs) in British Columbia (B.C.) are administrative bounds nested within Local Health Areas (LHAs) as defined by the B.C. Ministry of Health. This CHSA health profile contains information about the community’s demographics, socio-economic and health/disease status as represented through various community health indicators. The purpose of CHSA health profiles is to help B.C.’s primary care network partners, public health professionals and community organizations better understand the health needs of a specific community and to provide evidence for service provisioning and prevention strategies.

Summerland (CHSA 1380) is 620 km² in size and is located to the west of Okanagan Lake in the interior of British Columbia. It is comprised of the communities of Summerland, Greata, Garnet Valley, Crescent Beach, and Trout Creek. Provincial parks include the following: Eneas Lakes, Okanagan Lake, Kickininee, Sun-Oka Beach, and Darke Lake. Geographical features include Giants Head, Trout Creek Ecological Reserve, Mt. Conkle, and Isintok Mountain.[1]

Provided by Health Sector Information, Analysis, and Reporting Division, B.C. Ministry of Health

Health Authority:

1 Interior

Health Service Delivery Area:

13 Okanagan

Local Health Area:

138 Summerland

Community Health Service Area:

1380 Summerland

Primary Care Network community:

South Okanagan-Similkameen