Maple Ridge Rural
Community Health Service Area
Health Profile (Version 2.0)

2233 Maple Ridge Rural

Community Health Service Areas (CHSAs) in British Columbia (B.C.) are administrative bounds nested within Local Health Areas (LHAs) as defined by the B.C. Ministry of Health. This CHSA health profile contains information about the community’s demographics, socio-economic and health/disease status as represented through various community health indicators. Unless otherwise stated, data presented in this profile are specific to Maple Ridge Rural CHSA.

The purpose of CHSA health profiles is to help B.C.'s healthcare partners, public health professionals and community organizations better understand the health needs of a specific community and to provide evidence for service provisioning and prevention strategies. In general, CHSA-level values of health indicators should be interpreted with the population size of the CHSA in mind as smaller populations can have wide variations in data. For example, some rates presented in the profiles or the database are derived based on a small number of people with potentially high risk of re-identification. To protect the privacy and confidentiality of the individuals, these values are not releasable publicly as per the BCCDC policy and are indicated as such.

Maple Ridge Rural (CHSA 2233) is 1,350 km² in size and is located in the northeastern side of Greater Vancouver, north of Highway 7. It is comprised of the neighbourhoods of Port Hammond, Albion, Whonnock, Ruskin, Websters Corners, Yennadon, and Silver Valley. It extends north to Mt Pitt and Garibaldi Provincial Park. Major establishments include the Ridge Meadows Hospital, Alouette River Correctional Centre, and Twin Maples Correctional Centre. For further information, please refer to BC Data Catalogue.

Provided by Health Sector Information, Analysis, and Reporting Division, B.C. Ministry of Health

Health Authority:

2 Fraser

Health Service Delivery Area:

22 Fraser North

Local Health Area:

223 Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows

Community Health Service Area (v.2018):

2233 Maple Ridge Rural

Primary Care Network community:

Ridge Meadows

Please note that CHSA-level data presented in this profile refer to CHSA boundary version 2018. CHSA boundaries may be subject to change because they use Census building blocks.