BC Community Health Atlas

The BC Community Health Atlas is an interactive mapping tool that helps to visualize and compare data related to population health and demographics as well as a variety of social and environmental factors that affect health.

Whereas the profiles show many indicators for a specific community, the Atlas compares one indicator across the province.

You can use the Atlas to:

  • Create customizable geographic maps that display patterns in health indicators by local health area (LHA) or by school district
  • Visualize and compare reliable, up-to-date local-level BC data from multiple sources
  • Help inform local-level decision-making and planning for community health

Some of the indicators presented in the Health Atlas are provided with data available at the level of Local Health Areas (LHAs). Please note that some of the LHAs have been given new names in the process of aligning them with newly created Community Health Service Area (CHSA) geographies. To view the new names, click here.